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Stories and pictures from my life in the North.

Every blood trail

Ever since I threw a grocery bag of caribou meat into our slow cooker and produced one the finest meals I've had all year, I've been on the lookout for country meat. The first hit was easy. A guy came to the front door with a bloodied plastic bag and I handed him some cash.  Viola. Now I'm checking every komatik on my way to work, following up every blood trail leading into town in search of my next caribou or muskox fix. We've cooked plenty of country meat over the past few years, but never as easy and as delicious as the slow cooker method we seem to have finally mastered. 

So when I saw some friends butchering three caribou in their front yard this afternoon I had to stop and get the details. The animals were shot early this morning. The hunter was trapped under his quad when it overturned on the rough tundra loaded down by 600 pounds of caribou. He made it out with hardly a scratch. And now they were willing to share. 

What you see on the plate below, and cramming into our slow cooker, is a little less than half of what we were generously given. The rest will journey down south with us in 2 week (oh my mercy!) to be paired with good friends and backyard lounging. Can't wait.

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