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Stories and pictures from my life in the North.

Back in half an hour

With Spring weather rolling in on the back of these long, bright days it hardly feels like any trouble at all to head down to the ocean for a little afternoon ice fishing. The fish were biting furiously and a rotating cast of neighbours and friends took turns pulling out small and large cod alike from a set of communal fishing holes.

As we arrived we saw a friend standing proudly over her favourite spot with around two dozen fish stacked up. The fish had just stopped biting, but she wisely predicted that they'd be back in half an hour. Like clockwork the lines started jumping thirty minutes later and everyone was pulling the wrigglers out of the water. Everyone except me, of course! I put in a good hour or so of jigging but somehow came up short. In one close call, my catch snapped the line and writhed back into the water - hook and all - just before I had it in my hands. 

Fortunately, David and Nelly kindly shared their haul and so I've got a couple of beautiful fillets in the fridge now to fry up for lunch tomorrow.