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Ever wonder how a military logistics officer picks a wedding photographer?

Recently I had the opportunity to find out, at a diner party. And yes, it involved Excel spreadsheets and a three-ring binder. When the relative of one of my friends found out that I shoot weddings he asked me to hold on while he ran out to his car. It turns out he's engaged, and happens to be a logistics officer in the Canadian Forces. He came back with charts and rankings for half the wedding photographers in Ottawa. He scored them all by how many extras were included in their packages, and, of course, the price. Point values were assigned to each item, and the highest score won. I wished him the best with his wedding and then, before I ran to the kitchen for another drink, I asked if he liked the photos his photographer takes. He just looked at me.


So if you happen to be a military logistics officer I'm going to try to make your spreadsheeting easier:

  • Price: 2400

  • Hours of coverage: 8

  • Photos: 350+

  • Engagement session: included

  • Full resolution, print-friendly, hand-edited digital photos: included

  • Second shooter: add 600

  • Lovely hand-crafted wedding album: add 600


If you don't happen to be a military logistics officer, I'd like to add a word about...

whether you connect with my pictures.

If you notice that the value proposition of my package is excellent and want to save some cash while getting a top-tier wedding photographer, that's great. But the couples I really like to work with aren't searching for the best deal, they're searching for the right person to tell the story of the biggest day of their lives. Take a minute to look at the visual stories I've told recently. I produce my best work with couples who are ridiculously in-love and want their pictures to show it. If this is who you are and what you're after then I want to work with you so bad I'd shoot your wedding for free. Except that I can't because, you know, the mortgage. So I'll charge you the same amount as the logistics officer. But we'll know going in that we're going to tell your story in a way you'll be proud to show off to your grandchildren.


Shoot me a note to find out if I’m available for your big day, or to book a free consultation to make sure we’re the right fit.