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Jesse is a wedding photographer who tells love stories with pictures.

Photo by  Gio Ledda

Photo by Gio Ledda

Jesse Ajayi


I am an Ottawa-based wedding photographer who tells love stories with pictures. For me the connection is everything, from the spine tingle that comes from two people in love letting their finger tips touch to the moment they realize they will spend the rest of their lives together. 

I'm honoured to work with couples who trust me to tell the story of their most important day. 


A note about posing

We all remember those grade 7 class photos. Brutal. A lot of photographers promise never to do this to you on your wedding day. And that's basically an act of mercy. No one deserves that on their wedding day. So they take "candids" instead. Candids are great. They're especially great if you happen to be a model who naturally showcases your best features and your partner loves having their picture taken. Unfortunately that describes about 0% of us. Most of us feel a little unsure in front of the camera (why do you think I'm the one holding it!) and so even photos where you don't have to pose can end up looking... uncomfortable.

Instead of posing my couples to look like they love having their picture taken, I direct them to look like they love each other. And since I only work with couples who are ridiculously in-love, this is fairly easy. Usually it just takes time, which is why I often tell them to look into each other's eyes for 30 seconds without talking while I go "check my camera equipment." By the time I get back and start shooting I often don't have to say a word. Well maybe one or two. But at that point I'm showing them how to connect with each other, and they hardly hear the shutter clicking.



Shoot me a note to find out if I’m available for your big day, or to book a free consultation to make sure we’re the right fit.



Jesse was a pleasure to work with - he was very charming and we had a lot of fun. He had obviously put in time beforehand to find locations that produce wonderful pictures, and we are extremely thrilled with the results.

Emily Crandlemire & Alex Reeves

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Jesse is phenomenal to work with. I've had the pleasure of working with him a couple of times now, and I'm always blown away by the quality of his work. The amazing warmth and charisma that he brings to the job allows him to instantly connect with his subjects and communicate his artistic vision. He has the ability to keep things light and fun while he works, while keeping focused and nailing all parameters of the job. I knew from looking at his portfolio that he was good at taking artistic and candid shots, but we were blown away when we got to see the work he did for our wedding. My wife and I were ecstatic with how everything turned out and I would wholeheartedly recommend Jesse to anyone looking for a photographer.

Ken & Briane Hillaby


Jesse did an amazing job and was wonderful to work with. Made me and my wife feel so comfortable and the pictures turned out absolutely stunning. Would 100% recommend

Keisha & Cat